Building & Project Consultancy

The Building & Project Consultancy team provides a broad range of services for clients both in the UK and Ireland. In conjunction with other departments, we are able to provide our clients with a professional service.

At the pre-acquisition stage of a property we can advise on matters ranging from the inspection and preparation of a building survey report of the findings through to an assessment on the potential dilapidations liability that may be incurred if the property interest is leasehold.

In the case of existing buildings or sites post acquisition stage, we can guide clients through the development process from inception through to completion to ensure the end product is delivered in accordance with the brief.

Where a financial institution is funding a development, or a property is being provided by a landlord or developer for an end user, our project managers can provide monitoring services which include appraising and reporting on any matters which could compromise the client's interests during its delivery from beginning to end.

We can also undertake a reinstatement cost assessment of the building and advise on the initial figure in respect of the building insurance.

Post occupation of the building, the tenant or owner may take on liabilities in terms of maintenance either under a lease, and or by virtue of operational demands or statutory requirements. To ensure these liabilities are not compromised, our building surveyors can inspect the building and report on maintenance requirements over an agreed term, and undertaken statutory compliance audits.

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